Series Bag Sewing Machine
Development History:
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Development History:
1987:The initiator was starting with machine working
1997:After ten years' development, registered "Qingxian Rulin
Industry Sewing Machine Co.,Ltd",cooperated with Newlong
company in Japan and became one of their good suppliers.
2004: Registered"Cangzhou Rulin Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd",
producing spare parts of sewing machine.At the same time,the
products was sold to all over the world.
2008: Registered "Cangzhou Dechao Sewing Equipment Co.,Ltd",
started producing bag sewing machine head and spare parts.
2009: Registered product logo "RUGONG"
2011: Registered product logo "DECHAO"

Product Development History:
2009.2 Designed GK2006 protable bag closer
2009.4 Designed GK35 series bag sewing machine
2009.5 Designed GK3000 protable bag closer
2009.8 Designed GN20 series overedging sewing machine
2009.10 Designed GK35-6 series automatic bag sewing machine
2010.6 Designed GS-9 series high speed bag sewing machine
2010.8 Designed GP4900 foldover machine
2010.8 Designed GP6000 foldover machine
2010.10 Designed GKN-2 series bag closing machine
2011.1 Designed A1-PT3 multifunction stand system
2011.3 Designed A2-PW multifunction stand system
2011.6 Designed GK35-2CF left type bag sewing machine
2011.6 Designed GKN-2LHS left type bag sewing machine
2011.6 Designed GS-9CU double feed dog bag sewing machine
2011.7 Designed FT40-300 strapping machine
2011.8 Designed GN-5U high speed bag sewing machine
2012 Planing the new designs

View on the quality of product quality is the enterprise survival and development of security.

Market outlook to listen to the voice from the market, the market trends and customer requirements to respond quickly, to the special requirements of customers tailor-made.

Our goal with a new perspective to look at the world, with the scientific thinking methods to understand the world, to the traditional concept of challenge, to create a new era of Cangzhou universal electrical equipment limited company. We promise we always adhering to the " intention to do a good job of quality, customer satisfaction" concept, to provide customers with excellent products.