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  GP4900 Automatic Infeed and Bag Top Folding Device

Automatic Infeed and Bag Top Folding Device is kind of automatic bag tops feed-in and fold over device for packing bag newly developed by our company.  Used together with Model GK35-6 Full-automatic Bag Closing Machine, it can obtain even more excellent automatic feed-in, curling and sealing performance. It has been widely used for fold over and sealing the packing bags in such trades as food, sweet, petrochemical industry and port, etc.
An optional Infeed Device can be mounted on the A1-PW to align the top of the bag with the sewing head, removing the need for an operator to perform this role. Standard Infeed Speed: 10m/minute. Please specify the conveyor speed when ordering. Induction Motor: 0.2kW, 4-Pole, 3-Phase.
Model GP4900:
Automatic Infeed and Bag Top Folding Device for plain sewn closure on PP/PE woven cloth bags.
1.Bag Top Empty Space Required for Folding: 170-200mm
2.Bag Top Folding Depth: 35-50mm
3.Bag Feeding Speed: 7-18m/min
4.Motor:? 3 phase, 50 hertz, 380 volt (others quoted on request)
5.Weight: 32kg