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GN20-2 Overdging Sewing Machine
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  GN20-2 Double Thread Carpet Overedging Sewing Machine

Product Feature

GN20-2 Carpet Overedging Machine: Plain-feed, Flat bed machine suitable for over-edging/ over-seaming medium to heavy weight blankets and rugs. The over-seam width can be varied from 10 to 15mm with replacement of some parts. The wide over-seam width of 15mm increases the overall seam strength. Special Heavy Duty Machine for sewing on blankets made from thick material.
¡¤ For overedging woolen blankets and horse rugs, automobile carpet felt pads, etc;
¡¤ Needle: 1;
¡¤ Threads: 2;
¡¤ Stitch range: 2-4mm;
¡¤ 15mm overedge width (10mm and 18mm is available)
¡¤ Max. speed: 1400rpm; Material thickness: Up to 14mm

Sewing Sample: