Series Bag Sewing Machine
GK35 Series Bag Sewing Machine
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 GK35-6A Automatic Bag Sewing Machine

Product Feature

GK35 Serise bag sewing machine head is special designed for closing bags filled with flour, grain, fertilizer, feed, chemicals, seed, coffee, sugar, salt, dog food, minerals, and hundreds of other products. Working with a column and belt conveyor, it can accomplish packing operation efficiently.

Type    Single needle, two threads
Start-stop    Automatically by photoswitch
Thread chain cutter    Automatically by air cylinder operated guillotine cutter
Stitch length    Adjustable from 6.5-11 mm, standard setting 8 mm
Standard needle    80800 x 200-250#
Speed    Up to 2000 RPM, depending on sewing material and operation
Tape folder    Adjustable for 50-70 mm wide tape (selected or not)
Dimension    500¡Á500¡Á325mm
Weight    36Kg
Package    Carton package
The same with GK35-6A expect that equipped with jump-out scissor,
which can automatically cut up threads only.