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GK35 Series Bag Sewing Machine
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  GK35-6AW Automatic Double Needle Bag Sewing Machine

Product Feature

GK35 Series bag sewing machine head is special designed for closing bags filled with flour, grain, fertilizer, feed, chemicals, seed, coffee, sugar, salt, dog food, minerals, and hundreds of other products. Working with a column and belt conveyor, it can accomplish packing operation efficiently.

Model   GK35-6AW
Maximum sewing speed    1900rpm.
Stitch Range    6.5-11mm
Height of presser foot    11-16mm
Space between two thread    6mm
Maximum sewing thickness    8mm
Stitch Type    Double thread chain stitch
Start-stop    Photoelectric switch automatic control
Thread chain cutter    Electro-pneumatic
Needle    80800¡Á200-250#
Diameter of belt pulley    ¦Õ114mm
Power of motor    370w
Weight     34KG
Dimension of carton    50cm¡Á50cm¡Á35cm