Series Bag Sewing Machine
Automatic Bag Closing System
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  Bag Closing Systems

DECHAO offers the latest in bag closing technology with the A1-PT3 height adjustable pillar; GS-9C high speed, oil enclosed sewing head. Available for both plain sewn and crepe-tape bound closure. This closing system can be used with a range of conveyors or an existing conveyor. Automatic infeed devices, Model GP6000/GP4900 can be mounted on Model A1-PT3(GS-9C) pedestal type bag closing machine.The filled bag is released onto the bag closing line conveyor which transports the bags to the bag closing line which comprises a sewing pedestal, in-feed device and sewing head for automatic start, stop and cut of the cotton chain thread.

    Sewing Head Height
  720-1220mm£¨from Floor to Needle£©
    Brake Motor
  4P,3Ph£¬0.75kw/0.4kw£¨Depends on Conveyor£©
 Photo-Electric Switch
     Sewing Head
     Maximum Speed
     Stitch Width
 7-10.5mm£¨Standard Setting10mm£©
     Stitch Type
 Single Needle,Double Thread Chain Stitch(Type 401)
     Cutter Type
  Air Cylinder Driven Guillotine
     Air Pressure
     Air Consumption   3.5NL/min
     Lubrication System   Automatic Oil Bath System(Recommended Oil:Shell Tellus Oil #32 )
     Oil Feeding Volume   1740cc
     Machine Pulley Diameter   100mm
     Needle Type   DR-H30#26
     Thread   Synthetic or Cotton,20/6,20/9