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Portable sewing machine performance characteristics

GK2006 portable sewing machine ( packers ), the company's technology for more than a year of arduous research, developed a high performance, long-life portable sewing machine, and obtained national patent certificate. The sewing machine used on integrated feeding mechanism, pump oil, to solve the current domestic portable sewing machine quality is not stable, easy to damage, speed is low, the operation is not convenient and other shortcomings, beautiful stitch, firm seal, is the chemical industry, building materials, ports and other industries a variety of bags, paper bags, sewing woven bags, sacks and other packaging bag is ideal equipment.

GK2006-1 -- the single chain stitch; GK2006-2 -- a double chain stitch.

In 1, 1500-1800 high speed, RPM, effective improve work efficiency;

In 2, the built-in cutter automatic shear line braided, convenient operation;

In 3, oil pump, full lubrication, long service life;

4, enhance the sewing capacity, suitable for thick material sewing products;

5, reasonable structure, light quality, reduce the labor intensity of workers.

The maximum sewing speed 1500-1800 / line trace type double or single chain

Stitch 6-9mm material thickness 6-10mm

Needle specification 200 / 25 thread specification 21 2 * 3 polyester line

Power supply 220V, 36V machine weight 4kg

Motor specifications 90 watts